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Excel 2007: Using the DSUM Function

Excel 2007: Using the DSUM Function

DSUM is a great function when working with large lists of data. It works a little like Automatic Subtotals except that you get to pick and choose which columns you want to calculate based on an entry in another column.


For instance, on a worksheet tracking sales people and their deals, DSUM would allow you to calculate only certain Region’s totals.


The sample above reflects a DSUM Function. Now, let’s break this down:

DSUM                                    =              Name of the Function

database                             =              Your list range

field                                      =              The name of the column that contains the data you are looking for

criteria                                 =              The criteria range that contains the value you are matching

Now, let’s put that into action using our Sales by Region example. I’d like Excel to look at my list of sales. And, if it says “West” in the in the Region field, take the numbers in the Sales field and add them together.

Here’s what my formula would look like in Excel:


So, my list is stored in cells A1:G34 (including the header row) and I’m totaling the value found in the Sales field (column) when Excel finds a match with my criteria stored in A43:A44).