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Excel 2007: Using the Data Tab

Excel 2007: Using the Data Tab

The Data tab on the Excel 2007 Ribbon is where you’ll find all the commands for working with lists and groups of data. In fact, Excel’s capabilities for linking with other data sources is even more enhanced in this more recent version of the program. This is also the place you’ll go to find common data list management tools like sorting, filtering and outlining.

Figure 11. Data Tab

While we’re not going to cover the advanced features of the Data tab in this course, you’ll find a short description of each group below.


Figure 12. Get External Data Group


The Get External Data group contains commands for using and displaying data stored in other programs such as Microsoft Access.

The Connections group is best used when you’re working with data stored in a program other than Excel and you want to view the current data. Much like you do a Refresh on a web page, you can do a refresh on data viewed in Excel coming from another source.

Figure 13. Connections Group

Figure 14. Sort & Filter Group


The Sort & Filter group contains commands for sorting your data in either ascending or descending order and filter options, including the Advanced filter.

With the Data Tools group, you can perform advanced data list management functions like data validation which helps you minimize data entry errors. This is also where you’ll find the Remove Duplicates command which searches a table or list for duplicates, and when it finds them, it DELETES them for you!

Figure 15. Data Tools Group

Figure 16. Outline Group


Finally, the Outline group contains commands for outlining and grouping your data. This is also where you’ll find the Automatic Subtotals feature.