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Excel 2007: Summarizing Scenarios

Excel 2007: Summarizing Scenarios

Along with Scenarios and the ability to create several for one range of cells, you can combine your scenarios into one, nicely-wrapped summary report. This report actually lists your scenarios side-by-side (or, if you go through the next lesson on PivotTables, you’ll see how you also summarize the scenarios in a PivotTable).

Creating a Scenario Summary Report

  1. Select the cells that are included in your scenarios
  3. Click the What-If Analysis command in the Data Tools group on the Data tab
  5. Choose Scenario Manager…
  7. Click Summary…

Figure 41. Scenario Summary Dialog Box

    5.       Choose Scenario Summary

    6.       Delete the text in the Result cells box (This should be left blank when creating a Scenario Summary although it is a required field when creating a PivotTable report)

    7.       Click OK


Figure 42. Sample Scenario Summary Report