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Excel 2007: Publishing a Web Page

Excel 2007: Publishing a Web Page

Publishing your Excel worksheet or workbook to the web creates a static file that others can view and print from the Internet. A great use of this feature is when you need to share files with co-workers across a secure Intranet – and, it’s as easy as choosing File: Save As.

  1. Choose Save As from the Office Menu

Figure 26. Save As Dialog Box

    2.       Change the Save as type to Web Page (*.htm; *.html)

    3.       Choose either Entire Workbook or Selection

    4.       Click Change Title…


Figure 27. Set Page Title Dialog Box


    5.       Enter a new page title
(this is appears in the Title Bar of the Internet Browser when the web page is viewed)

    6.       Click OK

    7.       Click Publish


Figure 28. Publish as Web Page Dialog Box


    8.       Choose Entire Workbook (or desired result)

    9.       Check Open published web page in browser

    10.   Click Publish