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Excel 2007: Nested IF Functions

Excel 2007: Nested IF Functions

Now, if you want to test one cell on more than one possibility, you need to up the ante on your IF Functions by creating a Nested IF Function.

With a Nested IF Function, you can add up to 64 IF Functions inside the original IF Function. Basically, to create a Nested IF Function, you begin the way you would for an IF Function until your get to the Value if False argument. Here, you would enter your next IF Function. And, so on.

Let’s look at an example:

We’ll go back to our grading scale example from the previous section.

=IF(A2>93,“A”,IF(A2>86,“B”, IF(A2>79,“C”,IF(A2>73,“D”,“F”))))

You see, with a nested function, Excel reads the formula from left to right. So, in our example (above), Excel will look at cell A2, and if the number is greater than 93, Excel will return a formula result of “A.” However, if the number is not greater than 93, Excel will then test the same cell, looking this time for a number greater than 86. If Excel finds a number greater than 86 (but less than 93), then it will return a “B,” etc… Now, if Excel gets through the entire IF Function and finds no matches, then it will return “F.”