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Excel 2007: Creating New Workbooks from a Template

Excel 2007: Creating New Workbooks from a Template

We’re going to start by creating new workbooks. You know that when you start the Excel 2007 program, a new workbook that contains three worksheets automatically opens. This new workbook is based on the new, blank workbook template. But, there are tons of additional workbook templates that you can choose from with Excel 2007.

Creating a New Workbook from a Template

  1. Click the Office Menu icon
  3. Choose New

Figure 1. New Dialog Box

    3.       Select the template group on the left

    4.       Select the template name in the center

    5.       Click Create

Remember, if you don’t see a workbook template that works for you in the New Workbook dialog box, don’t hesitate to search Microsoft Office Online. There’s no reason for you to invent the wheel if you can find what you need on the Microsoft website as a free download.