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Excel 2003: Viewing Your Published Web Page

Excel 2003: Viewing Your Published Web Page

Once your Excel worksheet or workbook has been saved as a web page, you can open it in your browser to see how it looks. While your browser may differ, these directions are based on using Internet Explorer. However, these directions should closely match most other browsers on the market.

  1. Open your browser
  3. Open the File menu
  5. Click Open…
  7. Click Browse…
  9. Navigate to the folder and file you saved as a web page
  11. Select the file and click Open

Figure 14. Allow Blocked Content Security Warning

   7.      Watch the top of your browser bar – you may get an Active X warning. If you see this warning (see below), click the yellow bar and choose Allow Blocked Content…

   8.      At the security warning dialog box, click Yes