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Excel 2003: Viewing & Printing Comments

Excel 2003: Viewing & Printing Comments

Once your comments have been entered into your worksheet file, it’s nice to be able to review and print them once in a while.

Viewing Comments

I’m sure you’ve already figured out how to hover your mouse over the top of the red triangle in the upper-right corner of any cell that contains a comment, but in this section, we’ll focus on additional view options. With Comments, you have the option of viewing each comment individually or all comments at one time.

  1. Choose View: Comments from the Menu bar

When working with comments, it’s often easier to use the Reviewing toolbar. On this toolbar, there are several commands related specifically to working with comments.

Figure 2. Reviewing Toolbar

For example, to show all comments on a worksheet, instead of choose View: Comments from the Menu bar, you could simply click the Show All Comments command on the Reviewing toolbar. And, when working with the Shortcut menu, you could always right-click an individual cell that already contains a comment and choose Show/Hide Comments from the Shortcut menu.

Printing Comments

In addition to viewing comments on the screen, you can also print them. But, you’ll need to decide where you want them to print. In Excel, you can print worksheet comments as a separate page at the end of your print job or as they are displayed on the worksheet.

By default, your print setup is designed to never print your comments. But, that’s a quick fix in the Page Setup dialog box.

  1. Choose File: Page Setup… from the Menu bar.
  3. Click the Sheet tab

Figure 3. Page Setup Dialog Box - Sheet Tab

   3.      Change the Comments drop-down to read “At end of sheet” or “As displayed

   4.      Click OK

   5.      Print your file as usual