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Excel 2003: Using the Microsoft Query Feature

Excel 2003: Using the Microsoft Query Feature

Microsoft Query an Excel feature used primarily for copying data located externally in a database or on a web page and pasting it into Excel. Microsoft Query takes a lot of the work of copying and pasting large amounts of data out of the job for you. To make querying easy, Excel has a query wizard built-in to help you quickly grab the data you need.

  1. Choose Data: Import External Data: New Database Query from the Menu bar

Figure 17. Choose Data Source Dialog Box

  1. Choose your data source (such as MS Access Database), then click OK

Figure 18. Select Database Dialog Box

   3.   Navigate to and select your source data file (such as an Access database)

Figure 19. Query Wizard - Choose Columns Dialog Box

  1. If prompted, move the tables or columns you want to include in the import from the left side of the Dialog box to the right using the greater than symbol

Figure 20. Query Wizard - Filter Data Dialog Box

      5.    Set your filter parameters, and then click Next

Figure 21. Query Wizard - Sort Order Dialog Box

  1. Set your sort options, then click Next

Figure 22. Final Query Wizard Dialog Box

  1. Choose what you would like to do with the newly imported data, then click Finish