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Excel 2003: Undo, Redo & Repeat

Excel 2003: Undo, Redo & Repeat

These three commands – Undo, Redo and Repeat – have to be my most frequently-used commands. Not only are they terribly convenient, but they save me tons of time as I’m editing documents and worksheets of all sizes.


Undo is typically the very first button most people learn to recognize on sight. There’s a good reason for that – we all make mistakes. Well, lucky for us, Excel 2003 keeps track of everything we do so that in the event that we make a mistake, all it takes is the click of Undo button to set everything right. If you’re a keyboard fan, you can also press [CTRL]+Z.


And, if you click Undo one too many times, just click Redo to Undo an undo. Both the Undo and Redo buttons can be found on the Standard toolbar.


There is no command button for Repeat – just a shortcut key – F4. If there’s only room to remember one keyboard command, this is the one to remember. By pressing F4, Excel will repeat whatever the very last command you performed was. Press [Delete]? Hit F4 and Excel will delete something. Just insert a row? Press F4 and Excel will insert another. It’s just that easy.