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Excel 2003: Sorting

Excel 2003: Sorting

Sorting is probably one of the most intuitive techniques to learn in Excel and the Sort command can be found on both the Standard toolbar and the Data menu. Which you choose to use is totally up to you – they both get you to the same result.

Sorting a List Using the Standard Toolbar

  1. Click inside the column you want to sort
  3. Click Sort Ascending or Sort Descending

The only drawback to using the Sort Ascending and Sort Descending commands is they only allow you to sort based on one column of data at a time. If you need more flexibility in your sorting, you’ll want to look at the Advanced Sort feature.

Using the Advanced Sort Feature

  1. Click any cell in the group of data you want to sort
  3. Choose Data: Sort… from the Menu bar

Figure 5. Sort Dialog Box

   3.      Under Sort by, click the drop-down arrow and choose the first column to sort by

   4.      Continue to assign the next two sort levels

   5.      Once your sorting levels are complete, click OK