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Excel 2003: Exploring Worksheet Views

Excel 2003: Exploring Worksheet Views

Excel 2003 has four views. One of those three views is new in Excel 2003. In other words, you can see how the worksheet looks on screen and how it would look if it printed. But, if you don’t like the way the worksheet looks in Print Preview, you have to go back to Normal view, make your change, and then go back to Print Preview.

So, let’s recap:

The default Excel worksheet view is Normal view. In Normal view, you can see your entire worksheet – just the data.

In Page Break Preview, you can see a minimized version of your data along with large dotted blue lines that indicated where your page breaks are going to fall.

In Print Preview, you can see how your data will look when it prints including where your pages break and how your Headers and Footers look.

In Full Screen view, you can see all of your data (just like it looks in Normal View), without Menu bars and toolbars. Essentially, you see nothing but the data when in Full Screen view.

To move between the different views, you’ll need to use a couple of different menus.

Print Preview is found on the File menu while Normal, Page Break and Full Screen views are all located on the View menu.