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Excel 2003: Data Consolidation by Category

Excel 2003: Data Consolidation by Category

When working with Data Consolidation by Category, the only thing you really need to be careful of is to make sure that your column or row labels are identical from page to page and worksheet to worksheet. This includes spelling and capitalization.

And, just like Data Consolidation by Position, your data needs to be in list format. In other words, each column should have a header row and there should be no blank rows or blank columns. Finally, each range that you want to include in the consolidation needs to have its own worksheet.

Consolidating Data by Category

  1. Choose Data: Consolidate… from the Menu bar

Figure 10. Consolidate Dialog Box

   2.      Choose the function you’d like to use

   3.      Enter one of the ranges to include in the consolidation

   4.      Click Add

   5.      Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for each range in your consolidation

   6.      Select Top row or Left column to indicate the location of your labels

   7.      Click OK