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Excel 2003: Create a Macro

Excel 2003: Create a Macro

Macros are terrific for automating repetitive tasks. And, since it’s definitely a feature that can save you time, you might as well use it.

Recording a Macro

  1. Choose Tools: Macro: Record New Macro… from the Menu bar

Figure 22. Record Macro Dialog Box

   2.      Enter a name for your macro in the Macro name box
(Macro names MUST begin with a letter and they can’t contain any spaces)

   3.      Assign a shortcut key, if desired
(Be careful to NOT assign any shortcut key you currently use for another function. The macro will ALWAYS override any default shortcut keys)

   4.      Under Store macro in, choose the location for your new macro

   5.      Enter a brief Description of your macro

   6.      Click OK


   8.      Perform the actions you want the macro to repeat on command

   9.      When finished, click the Stop Recording command in the Macro toolbar that is displayed

Deleting a Macro

  1. Choose Tools: Macro: Macros… from the Menu bar

Figure 23. Macro Dialog Box

   2.      Select the macro you want to delete

   3.      Click Delete