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Excel 2003: Copy & Paste Worksheets

Excel 2003: Copy & Paste Worksheets

How many times have you heard, “Don’t reinvent the wheel,” or, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? Well, the same theory can be applied to Excel. If you already have the shell of a worksheet and you just need to adjust some numbers, don’t start from scratch – use what you already have.

In order to copy and paste worksheets, you simply need to combine your knowledge of data copy and paste with your knowledge of moving worksheets.

Copying & Pasting Worksheets Using the Shortcut Menu

  1. Right-click the worksheet tab you want to copy
  3. Choose Move or Copy… from the shortcut list
  5. Select a new worksheet location
  7. Click the check box next to Create a copy
  9. Click OK

Copying a Worksheet Tab by Dragging

  1. Press and hold [CTRL]
  3. Click and Drag the worksheet tab you want to move to its new location