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Access 2007: Using the Reports Wizard

Access 2007: Using the Reports Wizard

The Reports Wizard of one of the quickest ways to build a report while still maintaining control over which fields you choose to display and which Tables and/or Queries you choose to use.

Plus, with the Reports Wizard, you can define how the data is grouped and sorted.

Creating a Report Using the Reports Wizard

1.       Choose Report Wizard in the Reports group on the Create tab

Figure 45. Report Wizard - Choose Table/Query Fields

    2.       Select a Table or Query

    3.       Move fields from Available Fields to Selected Fields

    4.       Repeat steps 2 and 3 for additional tables for queries

    5.       Click Next


Figure 46. Report Wizard - Choose Grouping Levels

    6.       Choose a grouping level, if desired

    7.       Click Next

Figure 47. Report Wizard - Choose Sort Order

    8.       Choose a Sort Order by field, if desired

    9.       Click Next

Figure 48. Report Wizard - Choose Report Layout

    10.   Choose a Report Layout

    11.   Click Next

Figure 49. Report Wizard - Choose Report Style

    12.   Choose a Report Style

    13.   Click Next

Figure 50. Report Wizard - Choose Report Title

    14.   Enter a Report Title

    15.   Click Finish