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Access 2007: Using the Query Wizard

Access 2007: Using the Query Wizard

While Access has the ability to create all sorts of different queries, in this lesson, we’re only going to focus on Select Queries. This way, you can develop a good understanding of queries before you move to advanced Action Queries in the Access 2007 Advanced and Expert courses.

A Select Query is simply a type of filter that you can save and display the matching recordsets in Datasheet view. One of the nice things about queries is that they can display matching records from one or more tables or other queries. This means, queries give you a great deal more flexibility when compared to Filters.

And, because queries can be saved, you never have to re-create one once it’s been created. Each time a query is opened, or run; Access looks at the underlying tables or queries to display the most recent information.

Creating a Query Using the Query Wizard

1.       Click the Query Wizard command In the Other group on the Create tab

Figure 30. New Query Dialog Box

2.       Choose Simple Query Wizard


3.       Click OK

Figure 31. Query Wizard - Select Tables & Fields

4.       Select a Table or Query

5.       Move fields from Available Fields to Selected Fields

6.       Repeat steps 4 and 5 for additional tables for queries


7.       Click Next

Figure 32. Query Wizard - Query Title

8.       If desired, change the Query Title

9.       Click Finish