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Access 2007: Using the Lookup Wizard

Access 2007: Using the Lookup Wizard

In the Access 2007 Intermediate course, we looked at using multivalued fields. And, you probably noticed that we used the Lookup Wizard to achieve that result.

In this lesson, we’ll use the Lookup Wizard again, but this time, we’ll run it from Table Design View.

Using the Lookup Wizard

  1. Open the table you want to add the lookup list field to in Design View
  3. Choose Lookup Wizard from the Data Type drop-down list

Figure 1. Lookup Wizard -  Choose Value Source

    3.       Choose “I want the lookup column to look up the values in a table or query.

    4.       Click Next


Figure 2. Lookup Wizard - Choose Table or Query

    5.       Choose the Table or Query that contains the values (list) you are using to populate your lookup list

    6.       Click Next



Figure 3. Lookup Wizard -  Choose Fields


    7.       Move the fields you want to appear in your lookup list from the Available Fields column to the Selected Fields column

    8.       Click Next


Figure 4. Lookup Wizard -  Choose Sort Orders


    9.       Choose a Sort order, if desired

    10.   Click Next


Figure 5. Lookup Wizard - Adjust Field Size


    11.   Resize your column(s)

    12.   Click Next


Figure 6. Lookup Wizard - Choose Allow Multiple Values


    13.   Enter a label for your lookup column

    14.   Click Finish


Figure 7. Lookup Wizard - Save Table


    15.   Click Yes

    16.   Switch to Datasheet View

    17.   Test your new lookup list


Figure 8. Lookup List


When you click Finish, a lookup column is created whose field properties are set based on the choices you made in the Lookup Wizard.

You can view the field properties in the bottom pane of Design view under Field Properties.

To see the properties that apply specifically to the lookup column, click the Lookup tab.


Figure 9. Lookup Column Properties