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Access 2007: Using the Forms Controls Group

Access 2007: Using the Forms Controls Group

The Forms Controls group is divided into three (3) sections.

Figure 32. Forms Controls Group

In the first section, you’ll find commands for inserting an image, title, page number and date and time.

In the second section, you’ll find the bulk of the commands including commands for inserting a text box (or bound control), label, command button, list box, line, option group, tabbed pages, graph, page break, hyperlink and more.

In the third section, you’ll find commands related to object formatting as well as enabling or disabling the Control Wizards.

Using many of the controls in the Controls groups works just about the same when the Control Wizards command is highlighted. As long as Control Wizards is selected, whenever possible, Access will launch a wizard that walks you through the creation of an object. When you’re first starting out with Access Form & Report design, this is definitely the way to go.