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Access 2007: Using Field Templates

Access 2007: Using Field Templates

Rather than defining your own fields, Access 2007 has many predefined field templates you can use.

Each field template is a predefined set of characteristics and properties that describes a field. These characteristics include a field name, a data type, a setting for the field’s format property, and also a number of other field properties that, when taken together, form a model that serves as the basis for creating a new field.

When you are first starting out with table and field design, this is a great place to start.

Creating a Field Using a Field Template

  1. Open your table in Datasheet View
  3. Choose the New Field command in the Fields & Columns group on the Datasheet tab

Figure 7. Field Templates Dialog Box

    3.       For each field template you want to use, drag it from the Field Templates dialog box to your table.