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Access 2007: Split Forms

Access 2007: Split Forms

Split Forms are new to Access 2007. Split Forms give you two views of your data at the same time — a Form view and a Datasheet view. Because the Form view and the Datasheet view are connected to the same data source, they are connected with each other. This means that selecting a field in one part of the form selects the same field in the other part of the form. And, you can add, edit, or delete data from either part.

Creating a Split Form Using the Split Form Tool

  1. In the Navigation Pane, select the table or query you want to base the Split Form on
  3. Choose the Split Form command in the Forms group on the Create tab

Figure 52. Split Form Sample

    3.       Save the Form

Converting an Existing Form Into a Split Form

  1. Open your existing form in Design view
  3. Press [F4] to display the Property Sheet

Figure 53. Property Sheet – All Tab

    3.       Select Form from the drop-down list at the top of the property sheet

    4.       Select the Format tab in the Property Sheet


Figure 54. Property Sheet - Format Tab


    5.       In the Default View drop-down list, select Split Form

    6.       Close the Property Sheet

    7.       Save the Form

    8.       Switch to Form view