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Access 2007: Import Your Excel Spreadsheet into Access

Access 2007: Import Your Excel Spreadsheet into Access

When creating a database, it’s fairly common that some of your data is already stored in a Excel spreadsheet. With a simple Import, you can quickly bring information stored in an Excel worksheet into an Access table.

And, the beauty of it is that Access has a wizard built for just such an occasion taking much of the work out of it for you.

Create a new table by importing or linking to external data

  1. Open any database
  3. Choose the Excel command in the Import group on the External Data tab

Figure 21. Import from Excel -  Choose File Name & Import Type

    3.       Choose a File Name

    4.       Choose “Import the source data into a new table in the current database

    5.       Click OK


Figure 22. Import from Excel -  Choose Worksheet or Named Ranges


    6.       Choose “Show WorksheetsorShow Names Ranges

    7.       Click Next


Figure 23. Import from Excel - First Row Contains Column Headings?


    8.       If applicable, check “First Row Contains Column Headings

    9.       Click Next


Figure 24. Import from Excel - Verify Field Data Types


    10.   Verify data type of each imported field

    11.   Click Next


Figure 25. Import from Excel - Choose a Primary Key


    12.   Choose a Primary Key option

    13.   Click Next


Figure 26. Import from Excel - Enter a Table Name


    14.   Enter a Table Name

    15.   Click Finish


Figure 27. Import from Excel - Save Import Steps?

    16.   Click Close