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Access 2007: Export Your Access Report to Word

Access 2007: Export Your Access Report to Word

Being able to take your reports out of Access and send them to others can be a great benefit. But, having to print those reports and mail them may take too long in this fast-paced world we live in.

And, although Access 2007 offers more options for sending a report electronically through e-mail in a few different formats such as Snapshop (*.snp) and Text (*.txt), you can also send the report data directly to Microsoft Word.

Sending a report to Word not only allows it to be viewed by people more accustomed to using the Word program as opposed to Access, but it also gives you the ability to edit the report outside of Access.

Exporting an Access Report to Word

  1. Open the report you want to export
  3.  Choose the Word command in the Export group on the External Data tab

Figure 16. Export to Word - Select Report Destination

    3.       Enter a File Name and File Location

    4.       Click OK


Figure 17. Export to Word - Progress

    5.       Wait for the file to generate in Word

Figure 18. Export to Word - Save Export Steps

    6.       Switch to Microsoft Word to view your report