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Access 2007: Exploring Form View

Access 2007: Exploring Form View

While the most important part of the database is your tables, forms also play an important role. With forms, data navigation becomes even easier because instead of looking at all the data in a table on one screen, you can view each record, one at a time. This makes entering and editing even easier, especially for new Access users.



Just as in Datasheet view, in Form view you can quickly navigate through your records and fields using both your keyboard and your mouse.


Navigating in Form View

Mastering the art of navigation will allow you to complete your work faster. To aid in this, you’re going to learn navigation by using both the mouse and keyboard.

Using the Record Selectors

Record selectors appear at the bottom of each of your forms and help you to move from record to record in Form view. In fact, you’ll see these same commands in Form view. Plus, you can use the last button on the Record Selector Toolbar to add a new record to the open table.

Figure 23. Record Selector Toolbar

Using the Keyboard


To Move…


Up One Field

Up   Arrow

Down One Field

Down   Arrow

Right One Field

Tab   or Right Arrow

Left One Field

[SHIFT]+Tab   or Left Arrow

Up One Screen of Information

Page   Up

Down One Screen of Information

Page   Down

End of Record Data


Beginning of Record Data


First Record in Form


Last Record in Form