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Access 2007: Creating Groups & Total Reports

Access 2007: Creating Groups & Total Reports

Grouping your data into sections and creating totals based on those sections or all of the report data is a really useful way to show summary information. And, in Access 2007, using the Group, Sort & Total feature has gotten much easier.

Instead of using a cumbersome dialog box, you can now use the Group, Sort, and Total pane that appears at the bottom of a report in Layout View.

Figure 65. Group, Sort, and Total Pane

You can access the Group, Sort, and Total Pane (as well as other total commands) on the Report Layout Tools Formatting Contextual tab in the Grouping & Totals group.

Figure 66. Grouping & Totals Group

Creating A Grouped Report Using the Report Wizard

  1.  Choose the Report Wizard command in the Reports group on the Create tab

Figure 67. Report Wizard - Choose Record Source & Fields

    2.       Choose a Table or Query for your report record source

    3.       Move the desired fields from the Available Fields column to the Selected Fields column

    4.       Click Next


Figure 68. Report Wizard - Choose Grouping Levels


    5.       Select one or more fields on the left to add to the right as a grouping level

    6.       Click the Grouping Options… button


Figure 69. Report Wizard - Choose Grouping Options


    7.       Set any additional grouping options

    8.       Click OK

    9.       Click Next


Figure 70. Report Wizard - Choose Sort Order

    10.   Choose a sort order, if desired

    11.   Click the Summary Options… button


Figure 71. Report Wizard - Choose Summary Options


    12.   Select a summary method

    13.   Click OK

    14.   Click Next


Figure 72. Report Wizard - Choose Report Layout


    15.   Choose a layout and page orientation for your report

    16.   Click Next


Figure 73. Report Wizard - Choose Report Style


    17.   Choose a report style

    18.   Click Next


Figure 74. Report Wizard - Enter Report Name


    19.   Type a name for the report

    20.   Click Finish