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Access 2007: Adding Calculated Controls to a Report

Access 2007: Adding Calculated Controls to a Report

Calculated controls are convenient when you want to display a formula result on your report. And, they’re as easy as creating a formula.

To help you with calculated controls, here are a few reminders:

  • Start each [removed]or, calculation) with the equal sign (=). For example: =[UnitPrice]*.75.
  • Surround field names with square brackets. For example: [UnitPrice] or [EmployeeName].
  • You can open the Zoom box to see all of your expression at one time by pressing [SHIFT]+[F2].

Creating A Calculated Control

  1. View the Report in Design View
  3.  Choose the Text Box command in the Controls group on the Report Design Tools Design Contextual tab
  5. Click in the form at the location you want the calculated control to appear
  7. Press [F4] (this displays the property sheet)
  9. In the Control Source property box, enter your expression
  11. Close the Property Sheet
  13. Switch to Report view
  15. Verify your calculated control is working properly

Figure 1. Property Sheet