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Access 2003: Working with Report Controls

Access 2003: Working with Report Controls

We’ve been working with controls throughout this entire section on Reports – we’ve just been calling them text boxes.

Controls are the objects that you work with that display data, perform actions, and let you view and work with information. The text box is the most common type of control, but you’ll also see and use labels, check boxes, and images.

Controls can be bound, unbound, and calculated:

Any control based on a field in a table or query is called a bound control. With bound controls, you can display values that come from fields in your database.

Any control that that doesn’t have a source of data is called an unbound control. Unbound controls are used to display labels, lines, images and other shapes.

A control, whose source of data is an expression, rather than a field, is called a calculated control. In a calculated control, you can set an expression to perform a specific calculation or display the current date.