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Access 2003: Working with List Boxes

Access 2003: Working with List Boxes

The list box control displays a list of values or choices just like a combo box. However, with a list box, all of the list choices display on the screen at one time.

A nice thing about using a List Box is that a user is forced to choose from one of the List Box entries – there is no option here for typing in a value that doesn’t appear in the list.

Figure 21. List Box Example

Creating list boxes is nearly the same as creating combo boxes.

Creating a List Box for Values You Enter
  1. Open the form in Design view
  3. Choose the List Box command on the Toolbox
  5. Click and drag to draw the List Box on your form

Figure 22. List Box Wizard - Choose List Box Option


   4.      Choose “I will type in the values that I want

   5.      Click Next


Figure 23. List Box Wizard – Type List Values


   6.      Enter the list box values

   7.      Resize the column

   8.      Click Next


Figure 24. List Box Wizard – Remember the Value


   9.      Choose to remember the value for later use

   10.  Click Next


Figure 25. List Box Wizard - Create a Name


   11.  Enter a Name for your list box

   12.  Click Finish

   13.  Save the form

   14.  View the form in Form View

   15.  Test the new List Box