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Access 2003: Using the Forms Wizard

Access 2003: Using the Forms Wizard

The Forms Wizard is one of the quickest ways to build a form while still maintaining control over which fields you choose to display and which Tables and/or Queries you choose to use.

Plus, with the Forms Wizard, you can define how the data is grouped and sorted.

  1. Click the Forms object in the Database window
  3. Click the New button

 Figure 36. New Form Dialog Box

   3.      Choose Form Wizard and select a table or query on which to base your new form

   4.      Click OK


Figure 37. Form Wizard - Choose Table/Query Fields


   5.      Select a Table or Query

   6.      Move fields from Available Fields to Selected Fields

   7.      Repeat steps 5 and 6 for additional tables for queries

   8.      Click Next


Figure 38. Form Wizard - Choose Form Layout


   9.      Choose your form layout

   10.  Click Next


Figure 39. Form Wizard - Choose Form Style


   11.  Choose your form style

   12.  Click Next


Figure 40. Form Wizard - Choose Form Title


   13.  Enter a title for your form

   14.  Click Finish