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Access 2003: Using Query Design View

Access 2003: Using Query Design View

Once you have a little experience in creating and working with queries, you’re ready to move on to Query Design view. Each of the Access objects (Tables, Queries, Forms & Reports) has at least two views – the view you see the results in and Design View.

Figure 28. Query Design View

When you work in Design view, you’re essentially working with the structure of the object. In this lesson, we’re going to focus strictly on using Query Design view.

Creating a Query Using Design View

  1.  Display the Query objects in the Database window
  3.  Click the New button on the toolbar

Figure 29. New Query Dialog Box – Design View

                 3.      Select Design View and then click OK

Figure 30. Show Table Dialog Box

      4.      Select tables or queries (clicking Add after you select each) to add to your query

      5.      Click Close

      6.      Drag fields from the upper query pane to the lower query pane that you want to display in your query

      7.      Choose the Run command on the toolbar to display the Query results