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Access 2003: Using Criteria

Access 2003: Using Criteria

If you know how to use expressions when working with Advanced Filters, then using Query criteria will be a snap.

Criteria in Queries are what allows you to narrow the records that are returned from the underlying table(s)/query(ies).

And vs. Or Conditions

When working with a Filter by Form, you can create an Or criteria by clicking the Or tab at the bottom of your window. But, with criterion, you use the blank rows BELOW the original criteria row.

Any criteria listed on the SAME ROW is considered an AND condition. This means that a record MUST match all criteria on the same row before a record result is returned.

Figure 31. AND Condition

However, you can create an OR condition by separating your criteria by one row.

Figure 32. OR Condition

Query Criteria


This Criteria

Returns This…


All records containing the word “China”

Not “China”

All records not containing the word “China”


All records that begin with the letters “Chi” such as China and Chicago


Records that begin with the letter C, end with the letter T and have one letter in between such as “Cat” and “Cot”

Between 1 And 500

Records containing numbers between 1 and 500

Between 2/5/2006 And 3/5/2006

Records containing a date between February 5, 2006 and March 5, 2006

“Marketing” or “Administrative”

Records that contain either “Marketing” or “Administrative”

Is Null

Records that contain no values in a field

Is Not Null

Records that contain fields that have been filled in


Using Criteria in an Existing Query
  1. Open the Query in Design View
  3. In the Criteria row for the field you are working with, add your query criteria
  5. Click the Run command on the Standard toolbar