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Access 2003: Sorting & Showing Query Fields

Access 2003: Sorting & Showing Query Fields

By default, Queries are sorted based on the Primary Key(s) of the underlying Table(s)/Query(ies) and all fields used in your Query are displayed in the Query output. But, as with just about all things related to Access, both of these options can be changed.

Sorting a Query

Just like you can sort a Table or Form based on a field in Ascending or Descending order, you can apply the same sort order options to a query. The difference is the sort order in a Query is assigned in Query Design View.

Figure 33. Query Sort Row

  1. Open the Query in Design View
  3. Click inside the Sort cell for any field you want to sort by
  5. Click the drop-down arrow in the Sort cell
  7. Choose Ascending or Descending


Showing/Hiding Query Fields

Just because you use a field in your query doesn’t mean you have to display that field in the query results. For example, you may want to display only the “Purchased” transaction types, but you don’t need to see the word “Purchased” in every record in the query results. In this case, you would add the field type and criteria, then just remove the checkbox for that field.


Figure 34. Query Show Checkbox

  1. Open the Query in Design View
  3. Click the checkbox for the field you want to Hide to remove the checkmark