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Access 2003: Import Your Excel Spreadsheet into Access

Access 2003: Import Your Excel Spreadsheet into Access

When creating a database, it’s fairly common that some of your data is already stored in a Excel spreadsheet. With a simple Import, you can quickly bring information stored in an Excel worksheet into an Access table.

And, the beauty of it is that Access has a wizard built for just such an occasion taking much of the work out of it for you.

Create a new table by importing or linking to external data

  1. Open any database
  3. Choose File: Get External Data: Import from the Menu bar

Figure 15. Import - Choose File & Import Type

   3.      Choose a File

   4.      Next to Files of type, click the drop-down arrow and choose Microsoft Excel (*.xls)

   5.      Click Import


Figure 16. Import - Choose Worksheet or Named Ranges


   6.      Choose “Show WorksheetsorShow Names Ranges

   7.      Click Next


Figure 17. Import - First Row Contains Column Headings?


   8.      If applicable, check “First Row Contains Column Headings

   9.   Click Next


Figure 18. Import from Excel - Verify Field Data Types


   10.  Verify data type of each imported field

   11.  Click Next


Figure 19. Import – Set Field Options


   12.   Click each column and set the field options

   13.   Click Next


Figure 20. Import - Set a Primary Key


   14.   Choose your primary key preference

   15.   Click Next


Figure 21. Import - Enter a Table Name


   16.   Enter a Table Name

   17.   Click Finish


Figure 22. Import Confirmation

18.   Click OK