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Access 2003: Filter by Form

Access 2003: Filter by Form

When using Filter by Selection, you’re only able to filter one field at a time. However, when you want to filter based on several fields, you can use the Filter by Form feature.

When using Filter by Form, Access creates a blank form or datasheet that is similar to the original form or datasheet. On this blank object, you can enter data into as many fields as you want to in order to specify your criteria.

All criteria entered on the initial form must be matched before a record result will be returned. This is an AND criteria. But, you can also create an OR criteria by using the OR tabs located on the lower-left corner of the Filter by Form window. Each time you enter criteria on one OR tab, a new OR tab will appear so you can continue to add criteria.


Figure 23. Filter by Form Criteria Tabs

Applying a Filter by Form

  1. Open the Table (in Datasheet view) or Form (in Form view) you want to filter
  3. Choose Records: Filter: Filter by Form from the Menu bar
  5. Enter your Filter criteria
  7. Click the Apply Filter command on the Standard toolbar

Removing a Filter

  1. Click the Remove Filter command on the Standard toolbar