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Access 2003: Editing & Selecting Table Data

Access 2003: Editing & Selecting Table Data

Now that you know how to move around in a table, it’s a good time to learn how to enter, edit and select data. The easiest way to learn is to just start typing.

Editing Table Data

Seriously. That’s really all there is to it. Simply position your cursor in the cell you want the text to appear in and being typing. Just be sure to hit [Enter] or [Tab] when you are done.

Entering Text Directly in a Cell
  1. Select the cell
  3. Begin typing
  5. Press [ENTER]
Editing Text Directly in a Cell
  1. Click inside the cell you want to edit
  3. Use the mouse to position your cursor
  5. Make your edits
  7. Press [ENTER]

Selecting Table Data

Knowing how to select data is important for later use when you want to copy and paste or just to use when wanting to delete an individual word or phrase or an entire record.

Mouse Selection Techniques

To Select…


One Value

The Value

Multiple Value

Click & Drag (with the left mouse button)


The Record Selector


The Field Heading

Entire Table

Select All Button (upper-left corner of table)

Keyboard Selection Techniques

To Select…


Continuous Cells

[SHIFT]+Arrow Keys

Entire Table