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Access 2003: Delete Queries

Access 2003: Delete Queries

When looking to delete specific data from the database, you’ll want to use an Update Query. However, when you need to remove entire records, you’ll want to use a Delete Query.

Delete Queries, by their very nature, delete all of the data in each field, along with the key value that makes a record unique. When you run this query, it always removes the entire row from the table.

Creating an Delete Query

  1. Create a Select Query that contains the criteria for the records you want to delete
  3. Run the Query to be sure you’re pulling the correct records
  5. Switch to Design View
  7. Click the Delete command in the Query Type group on the Design tab

Figure 54. Delete Query Row


   5.      Click the Run command in the Results group on the Design tab

   6.      Click Yes