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Access 2003: Creating Groups & Total Reports

Access 2003: Creating Groups & Total Reports

Grouping your data into sections and creating totals based on those sections or all of the report data is a really useful way to show summary information.

Creating a Grouped Report Using the Report Wizard
  1. Create a new Report using the Report Wizard

Figure 70. Report Wizard - Choose Record Source & Fields

   2.      Choose a Table or Query for your report record source

   3.      Move the desired fields from the Available Fields column to the Selected Fields column

   4.      Click Next


Figure 71. Report Wizard - Choose Grouping Levels


   5.      Select one or more fields on the left to add to the right as a grouping level

   6.      Click the Grouping Options… button


Figure 72. Report Wizard - Choose Grouping Options


   7.      Set any additional grouping options

   8.      Click OK

   9.      Click Next

   10.  Choose a sort order, if desired

   11.  Click Next

   12.  Choose a layout and page orientation for your report

   13.  Click Next

   14.  Choose a report style

   15.  Click Next

   16.  Type a name for the report

   17.  Click Finish