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Access 2003: Creating a Table in Design View

Access 2003: Creating a Table in Design View

Once you become familiar with tables in Access, you can skip using the wizard and create your tables from scratch in Design view.

  1. In the Database window, click the Tables object
  3. Click the New button at the top of the Database window

Figure 7. New Table Dialog Box

   3.      Choose Design View and then click OK

Figure 8. Table Design View

   4.      In the first cell in the first row, enter a field name

   5.      Press [Tab]

   6.      Choose a Data Type from the Data Type drop-down list

   7.      Press [Tab] twice

   8.      Enter your next field name

   9.      Continue with steps 4 through 7 until all fields have been entered and properly assigned a data type

   10.  Click the Save command on the Standard Toolbar


Figure 9. Table Save As Dialog Box


   11.  Enter a table name

   12.  Click OK