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Access 2003: Creating a Table by Using a Wizard

Access 2003: Creating a Table by Using a Wizard

When you create a database, you store your data in tables — subject-based lists of rows and columns. For instance, you might create a Contacts table to store a list of names, addresses and telephone numbers, or a Products table to store information about products. You should always start the design of a database by first creating its tables — even before you create any other database objects.

And, when wizards are present in Access, you should almost always take advantage of their time-saving properties.

  1. Open any database
  3. In the Database window, click the Tables object
  5. Click the New button at the top of the Database window

Figure 3. New Table Dialog Box

   4.      Choose Table Wizard and then click OK

Figure 4. Table Wizard - Select Table Fields

   5.      Add your table fields

   6.      Click Next

Figure 5. Table Wizard - Name Your Table

   7.      Enter a name for the table and then click Next (allowing the wizard to set your primary key)

Figure 6. Table Wizard - Choose Your Table View Option

   8.      Select your preferred next step 

   9.      Click Finish