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Access 2003: Creating a Crosstab Query

Access 2003: Creating a Crosstab Query

A crosstab query is a special type of query that displays its results in a grid similar to an Excel worksheet. Crosstab queries summarize your values and then group them by two sets of facts — one set down the side, and the other across the top.

Figure 38. Crosstab Query Sample

When you create a crosstab query, you typically include data from more than one table, and you always include three types of data: the data used as row headings, the data used as column headings, and the values that you want to summarize or otherwise compute.

Creating a Crosstab Query
  1. Choose the Query Wizard command in the Other group on the Create tab

Figure 39. New Query - Select Crosstab Query Wizard

   2.      Choose Crosstab Query Wizard

   3.      Click OK


Figure 40. Crosstab Query Wizard - Choose a Table/Query


   4.      Choose the table on which you want to base your Crosstab Query

   5.      Click Next


Figure 41. Crosstab Query Wizard - Choose Row Headings


   6.      Move the fields from the Available Fields column to the Selected Fields column that you want to display as row headings

   7.      Click Next


Figure 42. Crosstab Query Wizard - Choose Column Heading


   8.      Choose the field to use as the column headings

   9.      Click Next


Figure 43. Crosstab Query Wizard - Select the Field for the Query to Calculate


   10.  Select the field for the query to calculate

   11.  Select the function

   12.  Click Next


Figure 44. Crosstab Query Wizard - Type a Name for the Query


   13.  Type a name for your Crosstab Query

   14.  Click Finish