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Access 2003: Creating a Calculated Field

Access 2003: Creating a Calculated Field

Calculated fields are convenient when you want to display a formula result on your query. And, since proper table design dictates that you don’t add calculated fields to a table because they are prime for user input errors, the perfect place for them is in a query and they’re as easy as creating a formula.

To help you with calculated fields, here are a few reminders:

  • Start each [removed]or, calculation) with the name of the calculated field followed by a colon (:). For example: “TotalPrice:”.
  • Surround field names with square brackets. For example: [UnitPrice] or [EmployeeName].
  • You can open the Zoom box to see all of your expression at one time by pressing [SHIFT]+[F2].
Creating a Calculated Control
  1. Open a Query in Design View
  3. Click in the first empty cell in the Query Properties Grid
  5. Press [SHIFT]+[F2] to open the Zoom Dialog Box
  7. Type your expression

Figure 36. Query Calculated [removed]Zoom Dialog Box)


   5.      Click OK to close the Zoom Dialog Box

   6.      Right-click the new query expression

   7.      Choose Properties from the Shortcut menu


Figure 37. Query Field Property Sheet


   8.      Click the Format cell

   9.      Click the Drop-Down arrow and choose a column format

   10.  Save the Query

   11.  Run the Query and preview the results