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Access 2003: Adding Tab Pages

Access 2003: Adding Tab Pages

While you can use boxes and lines to separate fields of data on a form, you can also separate your fields onto different tabs. For instance, you can have one tab display business information for a contact while a second tab displays only personal information, and so on.

Figure 63. Tab Control Sample

Adding Tab Pages
  1. View the form in Design view
  3. Choose the Tab Control command on the Toolbox
  5. Click on your form where you want the tab control to display

Figure 64. New Tab Control


   4.      Click the first tab to select it

   5.      Press [F4] (the Property Sheet opens)

   6.      Change the Name to something more meaningful

   7.      Leaving the Property Sheet open, click the second tab to select it

   8.      Change the Name to something more meaningful

   9.      Close the Property Sheet

   10.  Choose the Add Existing Fields command in the Tools group on the Form Design Tools Design Contextual tab

   11.  Drag the fields from the field list to your tabbed control

   12.  When finished, close the Field List

   13.  Save the form

   14.  Resize the tab control and form, if necessary

   15.  Switch to Form view