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Access 2003: Adding Command Buttons

Access 2003: Adding Command Buttons

Command buttons are typically used to start an action such as opening another form.

And, with Control Wizards, you don’t need to know how to write macros or code to get a command button onto your Forms.

Add a Command Button Using a Control Wizard

  1. Open the form in Design View
  3. Verify the Control Wizards command is selected on the Toolbox
  5. Click the Command Button command on the Toolbox
  7. Click on your form where you want the command button to be inserted

Figure 27. Command Button Wizard -  Choose a Category & Action


   5.      Select a category and action

   6.      Click Next


Figure 28. Command Button Wizard - Choose Text or Picture Display


   7.      Choose to show Text or a Picture on the command button

   8.      Click Next


Figure 29. Command Button Wizard - Enter Command Button Name


   9.      Enter a name for the command button

   10.  Click Finish

   11.  Save the form

   12.  Test the new command button