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KLS Releases Training for Office 2007, Project 2007 and Windows Vista

KLS Releases Training for Office 2007, Project 2007 and Windows Vista

Frederick, MD - October 23, 2006 -  KeyStone Learning Systems, LLC (KeyStone) announced their latest instructor-based video courseware for Microsoft Office 2007 Essentials, Microsoft Project 2007 Essentials, and Windows Vista Essentials Scheduled for public release Q4 2006, each set will display KeyStone’s trademark instructor-lead, video-based training to facilitate the transition into Microsoft’s next generation software.

Known for their expert trainers, user friendly interface, and self-paced video training, KeyStone Learning Systems will be ushering in the new wave of Microsoft products releasing Q4 2006 through Q1 2007.  Always on the cutting edge of software training, this release will fulfill all expectations set by previous standards, while pre-empting its production to make the transitional period easier for users.  With the timing of these products, users will be able to easily move into the next generation of what is widely considered to be among the most instrumental software used in the government and business world.

“These new Microsoft products provide an array of new features that individuals and business alike have been anticipating for several years.” said Rob Kingyens, COO of KeyStone. “For new and upgrade-based users, these new courses will allow end-users to get up-to-speed quickly, learn what’s new and begin leveraging the advancements of these products.  There is always a need for adjustment training when industry standards move forward, and we are providing the solution with many new course enhancements requested by our customer-base.”

About KeyStone Learning Systems
KeyStone is a leading provider of IT learning solutions for professionals seeking comprehensive training in desktop, developer and certification skills.  Its video-based instructor-led format has been recognized as an industry leader for the past fourteen years.  KeyStone produces and distributes training courses in video, web, and DVD-ROM formats, and continues to provide new solutions through partnerships, new products and through its Desktop Learning Library (DLL) and Enterprise Learning Library (ELL).