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LMS Features


Content is feature one

A learning platform is only as good as its content, and KeyStone has great off-the-shelf content. This includes video-based IT training for Office 2007, Windows 7, SQL Server, Visual Studio and many more titles, as well as courses on Computer Security Awareness Training and Privacy ACt Training.

It's the content and platform working together that makes KeyStone OnDemand a compelling solution.

Customize Courses

Customize our courses or build your own

What if you want to customize our Outlook course with your organization's email settings? Or maybe you have some internal Excel macros that users need training on. With KeyStone OnDemand you can create articles and screencams without downloading any software. Each article and screencam stands alone but can be combined to customize our courses or to create your own.

Enterprise Administrators rejoice: We've got you covered

  • Single-Sign On. Integrate with active directory.
  • Reports. Easy and powerful.
  • Groups. Easy user & permission management.
  • Brandable. Add your logo, your title, your links.
  • Automated Workflows. Notify users based on course completion status and other criteria.

Intuitive interface makes end-users happy (and more productive)

Intuitive Interface
  1. 1.

    Instant Search

    Relevant videos & articles appear the moment the user starts typing.

  2. 2.

    One-click launch

    Launch a course and jump to the desired level right from the home page.

  3. 3.

    Featured content

    Popular articles and videos and content featured chosen by administrators.

  4. 4.


    Bookmark favorite articles and videos for quick reference later.

Reliable & Secure Hosted Application (SaaS)

KeyStone OnDemand is enterprise grade, web-based Software-as-a-service. That means your organization is freed from many of the typical IT costs and resources associated with traditional software.

  • Only a web browser and internet connection needed
  • No installation, available immediately
  • We handle all maintenance, upgrades, and patches
  • New features released often
  • Scalable to thousands of users

Single Sign-On (Optional)

With minimal setup we can provide ADFS-Based Single Sign-On so that Active Directory users are securely logged in without having to enter a username or password.

Customize Courses

Custom Screencams and Articles

In addition to KeyStone's off-the-shelf content, KeyStone OnDemand can be home to your own custom content.

Articles. Create rich-text articles using a Word-style wysiwyg editor.

Screencams. Record your screen and microphone from within KeyStone OnDemand -- no software installation required.

Course Builder

Custom Courses

Standalone content is great for need-it-now training. But sometimes traditional linear learning is helpful. With KeyStone OnDemand you get both.

We've taken the pain out of putting a course together. Simply create a course outline, create articles and screencams (or cherry-pick from KeyStone courses), and add quizzes. Done.

To-The-Point Reporting

KeyStone OnDemand reports are simple and fast without sacrificing important metrics. Select a few options and you'll have a nicely formatted report on course progress, quiz scores, and completion status. View it on screen, print it, or export to CSV.

Course Report
User Management

Intuitive User & Group Management

Adding users one at a time or in a batch is a breeze. (If you are using Single Sign-On users are added automatically.) Create unlimited groups to manage your users any way you choose.

Since users are in groups, assigning content is easy. Assign thousands of users in a few clicks.

Custom Branding

Custom Branding

Make the platform yours by uploading a logo and adding custom links to the top. On higher-tier plans we'll customize the overall color scheme to match your company's brand.

Intuitive, straightforward interface

Users login and access the content they need within one or two clicks. If they've checked "Remember Me" or use Single Sign-On no login is necessary.

Intuitive Interface

On-the-job Productivity Tools

Courses are often watched exactly once. With KeyStone OnDemand, course content is also available as searchable, bite-sized articles and videos that can be quickly found when they are needed.

Instant Search. As a user types, relevant videos and articles are found in real-time.

Quicklist. Bookmark content for quick reference.


Instant-On Video

Videos and screencams can be viewed within courses or individually and start playing the instant a user clicks on one: think YouTube for enterprise training.