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Microsoft Outlook Training

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Outlook Training Courses

Our web-based Outlook Training courses teach learners how to leverage new and key features in Microsoft Outlook to enhance productivity and more effectively manage communication, scheduling, and tasks. With online course delivery for 24/7 access, you and your employees can access training whenever and wherever required. We have course options available for Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, or Outlook 2013 Training.

These Outlook courses are designed with a beginner-to-advanced approach to the essential elements of Outlook. Our courses will start with an introduction, continue through real-world exercises, and include built-in knowledge checks. Our online, OnDemand approach includes just-in-time learning where your learners can take the entire course formally or use our quick search facility to find the tutorial they are looking for instantly. For example, “creating an email” could be searched in the search bar and related articles and videos will pop up in drop-down menu for instant access.

What's Covered in the Outlook Training Courses

  •  Understand how to reply while reading*
  •  Learn how people cards enhance contacts*
  •  Take a peek at calendar, tasks, or contacts*
  •  Leverage folder organization*
  • Access weather forecasts in your calendar*
  • Add contacts, work with distribution lists and import and export e-mail addresses
  • Create and send custom e-mail forms
  • Effectively manage your e-mail with folders, archives, rules and conditional formatting
  • Enhance outgoing messages with Signatures and Stationery
  • Filter, find and flag messages for future follow up
  • Learn to customize the ribbon to create a working environment in alignment with your activities
  • Plan meetings and appointments with meeting requests and recurring appointments
  • Read, create, reply to and forward messages with and without attachments
  • Use the Calendar to manage your day with appointments, reminders and tasks with due dates
  • Work with common Microsoft Office features like Themes, WordArt, SmartArt, and Charts

*New to 2013 Training
**Please Note, topics and materials may vary depending on version choice.