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Microsoft Office Training

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Microsoft Office Training

Microsoft Office Training for your organization will help your employees leverage the time-saving tools and features Microsoft Office has to offer. Our online Office Training (2007, 2010, 2013 versions) is for users of all levels and includes courses on Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. Our "What's New" versions highlight the new features and updates in the given version. With our fully hosted, OnDemand Learning Management System (LMS), courses can be accessed 24/7 globally. 

Whether you want your employees to complete a formal course with built-in quizzes and exercises, or you want to facilitate on-the-job training through instant access to videos and articles for their immediate Microsoft Office questions, our platform works for you. Learners can quickly search for the topics they need assistances with and a drop-down menu of related videos and articles will lead them to tutorials to guide them through the Microsoft Office suite.

Our OnDemand Learning Management System (LMS) provides powerful tools to assist in content management so you can spend less time solving common Office questions and more time reaching business goals. Admin can easily assign (and create) quick how-to videos and articles to users’ accounts for instant answers to their Office questions.

The Office courses are led by top industry instructors and are designed with a beginner-to-advanced workflow approach that’s relevant regardless of experience.  

Key Topics Covered in Office Courses

  • Learn how to Edit PDF files without conversion*
  • Discover how Excel reads your mind using FlashFill*
  • PowerPoint is now widescreen and ready for HD*
  • Outlook can forecast weather*
  • Build apps for Windows in Access in less than one minute*
  • Make the transition from the old menu-based system to the new Ribbon in Word, Excel and PowerPoint (and, to a lesser extent, in Outlook) to reduce the decrease in productivity many experience when making this upgrade
  • Learn common Office features like Themes, WordArt, SmartArt, and Charts
  • In Excel, create and use interactive PivotTables and Slicers to take those huge lists and summarize them in a format your boss can decipher
  • Learn basic Excel formulas like Sum and finish with formulas that ultimately save you time by entering information into your sheet for you, like HLOOKUP and DSUM
  • Keep your audience engaged by breathing life into your presentation with custom animations, color, texture and transitions
  • Brand your presentations with custom layouts and slides, saving the whole thing as a template so you get the next presentation done even faster
  • In Word, you'll move beyond one page letters to create long and complex documents that include bookmarks, footnotes, a table of contents and, if you want, a table of figures
  • Use Word for official purposes and compare documents with the legal blackline option or add a table of authorities
  • Reduce the amount of junk mail and spam you see on a regular basis using new junk e-mail filters.
  • Learn just enough about the theory of database development (it isn't too boring, we promise) to create a robust database of your own
  • Work with select, action and parameter queries to view and update small segments of your stored data


*New to 2013 Training

*Also note that the "What's New" courses are shorter and cover new features to the labeled version.