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Microsoft Excel Training

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Excel Training Courses

Our online Excel Training courses (2007, 2010, 2013 versions) are designed to help you and your employees better capture, understand, present, and leverage data with Excel. Excel can be overwhelming for those who are not familiar with the many tools that enhance productivity, and our online course delivery for 24/7 access, enables learners to access training whenever and wherever needed. The courses are for users of all levels and provide information from beginner to advanced lessons.

Users can launch the comprehensive course and learn from a workflow approach, or search for instant access to videos and articles on the Excel keywords or topics they need help with. For example, a user can type “PivotCharts” in the search bar and related articles and videos will appear in a drop-down menu for instant access to the solution. This approach enables learners to find answers to their questions before coming to your IT Helpdesk.

*Please note, topics and materials may vary depending on version choice.

Course Topics

  • Learn how to customize the Quick Access toolbar and the ribbon to create an environment unique to your personal work in PowerPoint
  • Create new presentations based on templates and from scratch
  • Understand the different PowerPoint views, when and how to use each
  • Learn techniques for preparing a presentation for delivery like adding footers, printing handouts and setting a presentation up to run unattended either through looping or by adding action buttons
  • Work with a variety of graphics to spice up your slides including pictures, ClipArt, WordArt, SmartArt, tables and charts
  • Take full advantage of custom object animations and slide transitions
  • Create templates for future presentations complete with custom master slides and slide layouts
  • Work with PowerPoint audio and video options including trim and bookmarking
  • Record custom narration to run during individual slides

    *Please Note, topics and materials may vary depending on version choice.