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Acrobat Training Courses

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Online Acrobat Training Courses

Our fully hosted, online Adobe Acrobat XI Essentials Training and Acrobat 8 Professionals Training courses focus on the necessary skills to utilize Acrobat to include creating, editing, manipulating, converting and enhancing PDF files. With these courses, you will have access to instructor-led videos that will provide you and your employees with the skills required to master Acrobat and utilize the many features available to create and edit PDF files. The Acrobat XI Essentials includes an Exercise File and Further Reading articles.  

For day-to-day tasks, this knowledge will help you and your employees efficiently leverage PDF files within your organizational requirements, and with our online training, your learners can access the videos when and where they need them. Users can instantly search for the solutions they are looking for such as “converting a .PDF” and related videos will pop-up in a drop-down menu for immediate access. For a more formal approach, learners can also take the course in order of the outline, completing all tutorials.  Give your team the knowledge to succeed when using Adobe Acrobat.


Key Topics

• Learn what’s new in the chosen version
• Use the workspace
• Navigate PDF files
• Customize the toolbars and panels
• Learn Acrobat proofreading tools
• Work in PDF
• Create PDF files
• Edit PDF files
• Convert PDF scanning and OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
• Scanning a paper document
• Recognizing text in a scanned PDF file
• Correcting OCR suspects
• Editing a scanned PDF File
• Converting scanned PDF files to Word
• Enhance PDF documents
• Work with forms
• Electronic signatures
• Comment and review
• Understand security features
• Create and design PDF portfolios
• Learn accessibility and actions
*May vary depending on version