Access 2007: Creating a Table in Datasheet View

Having the ability to create a table in Datasheet View is brand-new to Access 2007. And, it’s actually quite easy. You can create your table in much the same way you would create an Excel spreadsheet by typing your column headings across the top. Then, you use the Data Type & Formatting group on the Ribbon to assign Data Types and Number Formats.

Creating a Table in Datasheet View

  1. Open any database
  3. Choose the Table command in the Tables group on the Create tab

Figure 2. New Table in Datasheet View

    3.       Add your table fields

    4.       Next, for each field you add, you’ll want to check and possible change the assigned data type

    5.       Select the first field

    6.       Show the Data Tools Datasheet Contextual tab


Figure 3. Data Type & Formatting Group


    7.       Check, and if necessary, change the Data Type and Formatting in the Data Type & Formatting group

    8.       Repeat step 7 for all fields

    9.       Click the Save command on the Quick Access Toolbar


Figure 4. Table Save As Dialog Box


    10.   Enter a table name

    11.   Click OK